Complete Floor Service

Slate tiling is for those that want a completely natural look but also the strength of legitimate rock.

These particular tiles are made from the strongest natural materials and will stand the test of time while giving your floor a look that will make any guest you have green with envy, and they can be used in any kind of room you can think of from your bathroom to your kitchen.

They are also perfect for outdoor areas that have pools as it gives it a natural spring look and feel. If you don’t have any idea what slate tiling looks like, click here to see our slate tiling gallery.

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Slate and Sandstone Tiling

We do high quality slate and sandstone tiling. 

Internal floor tiling.

All your internal tiling needs, no matter how big or small.

External floor tiling.

All your external tiling needs, no matter how big or small.

Anti - Slip Floor Coatings

 We ensure that all legal requirements relating to floor safety and we can apply anti-slip coatings.